The Surrender

Learning everyday to die a little more to self

Learning to expect less of others

And more of me!

Trusting everyday that I am in the Universe for a specific purpose

Trusting- with every step and even misstep, that I am right where He wants me to be

In the centre of His will

Whether that aligns with mine or not

Trusting that because I know so little

My will doesn’t really matter

He happens to know the beginning from the end

He happens to have foreknown me

While I was yet in my Mother’s womb

He happens to have had a plan

And called me to a specific purpose

Even before I took my first breath

Learning everyday to die a little more to self

To surrender to the reason why He apprehended me

To trust in His timing

To believe in His divine orchestration

To fall straight and blind into His plan

Believing in the totality of His knowledge

In the omnipotence of His kindness

For where in creation is too far for His benevolence to penetrate?!

Dying everyday to self…

Surrendering everyday with all its highs and its lows to Him

Knowing that the more I die

The more I actually live

Live in love, live in step, live in tandem

To His divine purpose for this life

This life He has so kindly lent me

By putting His breath in my lungs!

Written on the 17th of May 2018.

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