Nigeria! A Promise of Unity (1)



Thou blessed nation of plenty!

Thou endowed nation-

Endowed with a landmass that is abundant

Endowed with treasures beneath the soil

Crude, gems, gold, bitumen and even almighty, water!!!

Endowed with people

A population of 160 million and counting…

Imagine that! Talent, upon talent, upon talent.

Your youth, oh Nigeria, are more than whole nations together

You are rich in tribes, in languages, in art, in expression and in culture!

Like a multi feathered, multi-coloured peacock, you are resplendent in your beauty

Resplendent in your riches

You are the text book picture of success

You have it all, you can do it all

A beautiful complete bride!

Idanre Hills, Ondo State, Nigeria



Thou blessed nation of plenty!

Thou endowed nation.

The promise of your endowment is: UNITY. FAITH. PEACE. PROGRESS.

Unity of your tribes

Unity of your people!

All that talent working together to provide a unified purpose

All that wealth below the ground

All that wealth above the ground

The wealth of your cultures

The wealth inherent in your beauty

All of that working together to enhance the nation that you are!


A promise proclaimed!

The promise of UNITY!- A promise broken, again and again!!!



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