Waking, to the Sea…

I envision a time when for 6 months every year, I will wake up to a view of the ocean… where the first sounds I hear every morning and the last ones I hear every night are of the waves kissing the shore…

I envision a time where in those 6 months, I write my books, connect with Mother Earth, eat food that’s fresh and picked from gardens around me and do only work that actually heals and touches human lives!

I envision that this life will be easily available and accessible to me because of the great successes that the work of my other 6 months bring! I believe that all creation is working for me now! Positioning me, bringing me into divine connection with my destiny helpers. Showing me what to learn, where to invest, what opportunities to look out for, so that what I envision will come true!

This is my #mood this Saturday morning! Birthing the life of my dreams, first in my dreams- because if you can think it, you can achieve it! And because everything we see in reality first existed in the mind!

Envisioning! Envisioning the future I desire, not the one I don’t want, because you will have what you focus on… so I choose to focus on my best possible outcomes…

Enjoy these photos with me! All re-posted from the @interiorblink page! One day, I will be inviting you in person to enjoy a warm drink with me and breakfast fresh out of the oven in my house by the sea! Till that day, it’s Shalom! From my heart to yours!




  1. Good morning. The power vision is in consistently seeing the reality, shredding every fabric of doubt and rising to surmount the challenges of crossing the hurdles to cross over to touch/breast the tape/line of that envisioned.

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