37 Days to 40!!!

37 days to 40!!!! Yippee!!! As I continue to highlight the things I am grateful for, it dawns on me more and more how mindful God is of us! How there is no detail that He leaves out! Nothing about us that isn’t divinely orchestrated!

Baba!!! I am grateful for my families!!! Grateful for my family of birth! Indeed You love me so much, You set me in the right cocktail of people that would mould me into the individual that I am today! Thank You for my parents! Thank You that they are both still alive today! Baba, please keep them for me till I am 70! 🙈 (Yes o! When I pray for long life for my parents and think of them dying when I am 70, I cry! LOL!).

I thank You for my Mum! Growing up, I saw in her a woman who was very beautiful, very cerebral, very enterprising and who had a keen sense for fashion (she even owned a tailoring store in addition to her day job- had staff employed who worked out of our garage then, and made her own adire prints which she designed for her clients!). She is retired now and still inspires me with her grace, dignity and her zest for life!

I thank You God for my Dad!!! Daddy was so intellectual!!! I could never win an argument with him! That still frustrates me till tomorrow! He used to write for the Economist then, wrote for the Guardian Newspapers as well and was a guest lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh at some point! Daddy loved the more ethereal things and shared that love with me. It’s thanks to Daddy that I know and love Classical Music! It’s thanks to Daddy that I read so much! It’s thanks to him that I learnt early about Micheal Angelo, Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci… their art, their science and their philosophy… it’s thanks to Daddy that I will always notice the skies, the flowers… he taught me the power of the pause, very early in life! I am grateful God!

Thank You for my siblings oh Lord! My Sister who is such a precious gift! My very own in-built best friend! (She didn’t have a choice in the matter! Come to think of it, neither did I, Daddy always said “you both will always need each other! She will be there when all the friends on the outside are gone! So be her best friend!” Till tomorrow…).

Thank You God my precious brothers! Each, my one of two and onlies!

Thank You for the family I acquired by marriage! I always tease my husband that I could have married him for his family alone! Stellar, great quality people! They have loved me as if I was there from the beginning! I bless my Mother-in-Law especially! Her patience at trying to get me to crack the Efo Riro code was the stuff of legends (that was 13+ years ago, we since gave up! And in her kindness, I still get a pot of Efo Riro every month)!

There is no detail that God overlooked! I could go on and on about family! Every values assessment I have done shows that family is my number 1 value and I am honoured that God chose great people to walk life with me (whether they like it or not! LOL!) Shalom people! Have a great week ahead!


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