36 Days to 40!!! Yaay!!!

36 Days to 40!!! And today, I share what I have learnt! I have learnt that value, identity and worth are intrinsic! You know, life happens! They may have called you names as a child “stupid girl”! “Careless girl”… it may have been said as advise “if you continue like this you will not do well o! Why am I not surprised, no body in your house has done well before!”… You may even be the one whose internal dialogue with yourself is nothing but toxic!… Blah, blah, blah, bahhhhhh!!!

I tell you today! Rise up and erase it all! You can pull them up, see them, and hit delete in your mind!!! Your value is not external! Anyone who did not create you cannot tell you how valuable you are!!! What do they know? Are they not mere created beings themselves? God, Himself says you are valuable! You were created by the all knowing, all powerful, all encompassing God! And every day He gifts you, means He still values you! Don’t let anyone, anything, any situation or even your sin, tell you otherwise! #logantiode

Your worth is not in what you have! Your worth is not in how you look! Your worth is not in who validates you or that someone chose to marry you! Quit measuring yourself against others! Your greatest advantage will always be that you are you! And because of that, you are a person of great worth! All these things we measure- how she looks, what she has, who is on her arm, where they work etc all these external add-ons are not bad in themselves but they do not give you worth! You draw worth from your character! From working on and developing integrity! Allowing your yes be yes and your no be no!!! We have all seen people elevated by talent, happenstance and beauty or connections… and we see those same people dragged down by character, by a lack of integrity, by a lack of consistency… work on those!

Identity… find that in God!!! If you live for man’s approval, you will die from his rejection! So remember, you are who God says you are! You are beloved! You carry within you unlimited potential! You are valuable! So valuable that if you were the only one on earth, God would have still sent His son to die for you! When I have questions in my head, like “can I do this?” “Am I strong enough?!” “Do I have what it takes?!” Do you know what I tell myself? I say “do you know, who my Father is?!! I am God’s child o!” And once that is said, it is settled… I go on, expecting to win!

Now you know all these things… go and live them out! Live life in the overflow, not in the chase! You are worthy! You are valuable! You are a designer original and there is no other person like you! Let your heart know this, then go and THRIVE!!!

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