35 Days to 40!!!

35 Days to 40!!!! Isn’t God amazing?!! Who are we that He teaches us to number our days so that we may gain a heart of wisdom? (Psalm 90:12). I am soooo grateful for the gift and ability to introspect! God is merciful!

This lesson- that I am not alone- has been such an important one for me! I am an introvert, so while I do great around others, I recharge and gain strength when I am with myself so I actually crave alone time… BUT that’s different from the feeling of loneliness or “aloneness”! That feeling that the journey you are on, on are on it alone!

And I dealt with feeling alone for a long time! Feeling unrooted- I grew up in the North, moved to the South for Law School, met my husband, got married and stayed in the South. Then started to miss having family around… they were all so physically far… Started to miss my childhood friends the ones who really knew me. Started to miss the environment I was used to and had to adjust to the chaos of Lagos… Unrooted! Had to change churches suddenly… Unrooted!

When I first started to make candles, before I went to learn in France and intern in a factory in China, I felt like “when will I really know this thing?Who knows and can teach me?” In my journey to “adulting” and in marriage, I have often had many questions and wondered where to find answers!!! Even as an entrepreneur and business person, I am always thinking “who knows what I don’t know? Who can see what I cannot see?”

In all of these situations, I have constantly had to tell myself that “I am never alone!” I am never without help!!! And my friend, you are never alone and never without help! I just had to shift my mindset from SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE! I had to think, there is love and friendship around here, I will make new friends! And I have the best friends ever! For business, I thought, I will choose mentors I admire, and I started to see they were plenty, @richardbranson through his books, @tonyrobbins (whose seminars are a must attend), @sarablakely- you see, I embraced the abundance! Read everything I could find on marriage, parenting… and learned to ask for what I want!

Friend, don’t entertain loneliness, don’t give it room to stay! What you need, is abundantly available, reach out and be filled. There’s a scripture that anchors me in this respect, when I feel the whispers of despair, my mind automatically reaches for Hebrews 12:1-2 which says:

 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.

This Scripture helps me put things in perspective! I think there’s a cloud of witnesses, there are so many people with the answers I seek! There is direction from God! And it comforts me!

I can’t end this thought without telling you the “koko” though!!! You know the real reason why I am sure you are never alone?! It’s because God promises to never leave nor forsake us! He says He is closer to us than our jugular veins! He promises us the supreme gift of His presence!!! Tap into that my dear friend!


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