32 Days to 40!!! Going Strong!!!

32 Days to 40! Today I am especially grateful for all the families that the Lord has “set” me in. I like that scripture “He set the lonely in families”, I like the use of the word “set”. Like great Jewelery e.g a sparking green emerald set on a bed of diamonds, cast in 24 carat gold!!!

Yes! That’s how I see being set in families as per Psalm 68:6- that God places us beautifully in environments where they take you, and you take them too!! I have been blessed like that! So today, I am grateful for my TPH family!!! They were instrumental in shepherding my discipleship- the discipline required by @mytph is second to none! I am so so thankful for the Inspired Women of Worth Network @inspiredwomenofworth! iWOW is adamant that you know as a woman, ‘who you are’, ‘whose you are’ and ‘what you were put on earth for’, the impact of the iWOW Network and @udo_okonjo in my life is unquantifiable! I am grateful for my Babalakin & Co family @babalakinandco, grateful for @amazonenergylimited places of work that validate your skill and push you to be the very best you!

I am grateful for the @thedoubleimpactplatform by @audreyjezigbo a platform that supports couples in business together to build both their marriages and businesses from a Kingdom perspective.

I am thankful for places you enter and they greet you like family that has been missed! @michaels_nails @xclamations (this one is actually home), @iconolabrand (home too). Grateful for the Corona Mum’s who have chosen to be co-parents to all our kids!!!! I can tell the group I am tired and someone will ask for the children and keep them all day… I forget to buy something and it gets bought! I bless God for you all!!! @adaezenagu thank you o!!!

I am soooo blessed!!! My life is too full!!! No good thing has God withheld including family!!! When I went to have my baby, I kept saying before I went that there is nowhere that I will be alone because my Father has children everywhere… @praise6000 @aamiola @coralethnic and all my Moose Jaw family! I went to a strange land and had food daily! Had a house that everyone brought something to! Never didn’t have a car for a Doctors appointment or shopping trip!!! I am grateful!!

I have been set in families and because of that! My life is full!!! #32daysto40 Tell me, what are you grateful for today? I want to know!

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