28 Days to 40!!! And Flawsome is Awesome!!!

28 days to 40!!! Yayyyyy!!!! And I love today’s lesson!!!! Babe! Let me tell you something!!!! FLAWSOME IS AWESOME!!!! Don’t let anyone put you under undue pressure!!!! You are beautiful just the way you are!

That one thing you are always complaining about or feel like you want to change, it adds to your beauty, your uniqueness!!! It makes you, you! The people who will love you, will love you even because of it!!! The ones who will not love you, won’t love you even if you contort yourself into Halle Berry!!! LOL!!!

I love Ephesians 2:10! It says you are God’s masterpiece!!!! That’s who you are! A Designer Original!!! And where does a greater designer exist than He who created this abundantly diverse and stunning universe?! And guess what He used to create it? Words!!! He said it! And it is!!!!!! That same God created me!!! So you know what? When I look at the mirror nowadays, the dialogue is very different! It goes like this: “wow!!!! Wow, Hajara!!! You are a babe!!! Stunning somebody!!! Everything you need to succeed in this life, you already have! Babe! You just blow it out of the park!”… Sometimes for dramatic effect I will walk past my mirror, then do a double take and say “wow! Who’s that babe?!” then I start to further admire various parts, especially the ones I didn’t love before! I’ll say “wow! Look at that nose! Just right for you!” The height I have is what God knows I need for my own journey! And you know what Haj? You are stunning!!” By the time I leave the front of my mirror, I am ready for world domination!

I know it’s funny! But it’s not all vanity I promise! It’s self-acceptance! It’s faith in the One who created me! Of course I owe it to Him and myself to be the very best version of Me and self care is a discipline that shows love for yourself! But you know what? With all the mixed messages of the world- one time they wanted us all to be like Kate Moss! Now we are injecting and removing all sorts to be a cross between J Lo and the Kardashians!!! Do you please! Do whatever you feel you need to do, but please remember you are perfectly and flawsomely awesome, just the way you are!!!!

You are enough!!! And abundantly loved by the limitless all-knowing King of all Kings!!! And that is all the validation you will ever need!!!!

#flawsomeisawesome #28daysto40

One reply to “28 Days to 40!!! And Flawsome is Awesome!!!

  1. Do you know the song “Fingerprints of God” by Steven Curtis Chapman? Google it and dance to it today! In thanksgiving and in joy! “You are a living breathing priceless work of art!!! Whoop whoop!

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