26 Days to 40!!! Thankful for the Elders!!!

26 Days to 40! And my joy is sooooo full, it’s overflowing!!! I am grateful that you all have accompanied me on this journey and this countdown!!! Esé gan ni! May celebrations never cease in your households!

I have been blessed! I keep telling myself that God has given me the gift of Divine Acceleration! By His mercy, I have been blessed with elders, forerunners who have gone before me and opened ways, explored ideas, pioneered patterns that made it easy for me to see beyond what I would normally see on my own!!!

There is a saying in Nigeria that “what an elder sees sitting down, a child may not see even if he climbs the tree!” I am grateful for all who “saw” and see on my behalf! I am grateful for wise counsel! I am grateful for time invested! Because of you, I am able to climb on the shoulders of giants!

Because I am a first born girl, I always wanted a big brother! God blessed me with 2; @nigelgam and @motownmoses God bless you both for adopting me as your little Sister from the same Father!!! I am so grateful!!!

Guys! I hope as I share these you not only see my gratitude and joy; I hope sharing these make you see yours too. It’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong but there’s so so much that’s more right than wrong in your life really! And what you focus on grows!!!! So share with me what you are grateful for and let’s see the good multiply!!!

#26daysto40 #myyearofjubilee #Queensarebornin79 #3rd #gratitudejournal #thanksgiving

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