25 Days to 40!!! And I am thankful for Me!!!

25 Days to 40!!!! And today I am soooooo grateful for me! When this thought crossed my mind, I thought “Haj!!! You are going to put on the whole internet that you are grateful for you?!!! What kind of vanity is that?!!!” I quickly stopped myself though! I realise that that is the voice of an unworthiness programming!! How on earth can it be okay to be thankful about anything and everyone else but yourself?! Being self deprecating and not self honouring is not a virtue!!! After all, the good book says “love thy neighbour as thyself!”, not more than yourself. It all starts with self love! From there you can freely give because you actually have it to give!

So today, I am grateful for me! I am grateful that God created me! That I didn’t get aborted before I had a chance at life! I am grateful that I didn’t die in childhood! That I didn’t die yesterday and by His grace, that I will have a long and blessed life!

I am thankful that I am not a mistake! That I am here as God has planned! I am thankful that God’s word says that before I was born, God knew me!!! That the number of my days were already known to Him while I was still being knit in my Mother’s womb! I am thankful that before I was born, God had already set a purpose for me and my life and that purpose will come to pass by His grace! Before I was born, He created a “work” for me to do! May I find and do it in Jesus name!

I thank God for Me!!! Baba! Mo dupe o! Thank you for my mind! Thank You that I didn’t lose it! Thank You for the physical vessel You put me in! Lord, I say with You, that Your work is good!!!

I acknowledge every part of me! Flaws! Mistakes made! Victories won! Lessons learnt! Thoughts thought! I acknowledge that I have a way- a way with words, a way of being, a way that I do what I do! And I am thankful for that!

Lord! I thank you for introducing me to Your son Jesus Christ! He is the best thing about me! I thank You for my life! I thank You for sparing me, in Your mercy!!!

At 25 Days to 40, Lord, I stop to say I am grateful! Thank you Baba!!! I love You loads loads!!! 💚💚💚

#25daysto40 #myyearofjubilee #Queensarebornin79 #3rd #gratitudejournal #thanksgiving

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