21 Days to 40!!! And all creation favours me!!!

Yaaayyyy!!!! 21 Days to 40!!! And this lesson is just apt for me today!!! I have truly learnt that ALL creation is set up to favour me!!! It’s also set up to favour you by the way!!! All of us!

With the benefit of hindsight I am coming to see that every experience had something to teach me, something to develop in me, something that grew me! It may not have seemed that way in the “going through”, but looking back I see it clearer and I see that everything ultimately happened FOR me, not against me or TO me! And I am grateful for that!

This perspective also helps me with today, with the future… it helps reduce worry and fear… now, even when I should worry I am able to remind myself that it’s all working for me! That helps me stay patient too! Yesterday I was talking to a colleague and she said “when you look back, can you point to any one time that God didn’t come through for you?” I honestly can’t!!!

I have learnt, or chosen to take the view that ALL of creation is falling over itself to favour me!!! I choose to call myself a Royal Diadem in God’s hands! I choose to believe in His unconditional love for me and His never ending goodness towards me!!! I choose to believe the truth of His word over the facts and circumstances of daily life or even of the News!!! I am the beloved of God and that is a lesson I will keep learning and reinforcing in my mind! Till by His Grace, I get to spend eternity with Him!

#21daysto40 #myyearofjubilee #Queensarebornin79 #3rd #lessonslearnt #gratitudejournal #thanksgiving #Hajwillbe40

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