20 Days to 40!!! Thankful that only God is God!!!

20 Days to 40!!!!! We are halfway though the countdown!!!! Merciful God!!! Teaches us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom!!!!!! LOL! #killingthoseexclamations!

Today and every day! Every day, I am grateful that I am not God o!!! Do you know how many times I have passed sweeping judgements based on very limited facts?! There are sometimes I hear of certain crimes and I think everyone with such inclinations should just be wiped off the surface of the earth and the memory of them erased forever! 🙈! There are so many judgements and assumptions I have made about future outcomes while sitting nicely perched on my high horse- made of straw!!!

I really thank God that I am not God! Thank God that I don’t determine everything that happens to me, because my best hopes are nothing compared to the smallest plans that God has for me!

I am so grateful that I am not God!!! And even more so that you are not o!!!! Hey! Can you imagine you being in control of all our destinies in the Universe?!!!!! Massive yawa o!!!! LOL!

Enjoy today people!!! It’s 20 days to 40 and I thank God, that He is God! The only One who is Master of the day of Judgement! The Unchangeable Changer! The One who seats on the Mercy Seat, the One who rules in the affairs of men! The One who set the world in orbit and holds it up by the word of His power! He said a word and it all was! He said just that word and it still is!!!!! It will only cease at His word! It’s 20 days to my 40th!!! Please join me in giving all glory to God!!! He has given us so much more than we deserve! All our worth, we draw from Him!

#20daysto40 #myyearofjubilee #Queensarebornin79 #3rd #lessonslearnt #gratitudejournal #thanksgiving #Hajwillbe40

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