19 Days to 40!!! Grateful for our Beautiful World!

19 Days to 40!!!! Yaay!!! And today is one of my absolute favourites!!!! I am grateful to God for the gift of travel. I am grateful for God’s great big universe and the fact that He allows all who want, to see it!

I always think of God like an artist!!! He has created such a marvellous diverse world! And like all great artists, I believe He wants to show us His works! I believe every place represents a facet of Him! Some places are landlocked, some are surrounded by water, some the beaches have black sand, some the beaches are white, some beaches are made of pebble stones! Some places the ocean looks green, in some it’s blue… some places are rich in natural resources, some are not but they are rich in strategy and innovation!!! The vegetation is different everywhere! Some plants thrive in the dessert some thrive where it’s waterlogged! Some countries are full of mountains and valleys! Some are flat and some are a mix!!! Isn’t He amazing?!

And the people?!! Every where the people are different! Their cultures are different! In France, I am comfortably wearing a white shirt, black shorts and riding bikes! In Dubai I am covered up and modest in conformity… all so different yet all so alike!!! Wanting the same things! Holding dear the same things; family, loyalty, kindness, honour, belief… all of us wanting to provide for and take care of what’s our own!

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I want to go everywhere in the world at least once! I am sooooooo far from this goal! I think I have been to 15 out of 195 countries!!!! 😱 So Universe and you reading if you know a way to make this happen quickly, bring it on! I am ready to receive! Strategically though, I am thinking cruises will be my preferred method for the next couple of years, that way, you do 5 or 6 countries in the same time you would have holidayed in one!!!

I am really grateful for the gift of travel! It opens up your mind so much! Every time I travel, I marvel at God and even the humans He created! Look at the UAE… it was all dessert only 40 years ago!!! See what vision combined with execution has created!!!

It’s 19 days to my 40th and I am grateful for God’s beautiful diverse world & grateful that you are in it! Big virtual hug!!!

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