15 Days to 40! I have learnt to STAND…

15 days

15 Days to 40!!! Wow!!! How time flies, anything you want to do, that thing you want to achieve? Start now! Because every second, time is moving along, whether you are coming along with it, is a different matter!


At 15 days to 40, one of the lessons I am eager to highlight is that sometimes, all you can do, is STAND! Ephesians 13:6 says “therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.” 


Having done EVERYTHING, just STAND!!! You know sometimes life can feel like a major onslaught! I remember one time a long time ago, Hubby had to be away for a surgery. I couldn’t go with him because we couldn’t afford it then, so that was painful in itself. While he was away, my son fell ill and had to be admitted, that too was distressing… while he was admitted and Hubby was in surgery, my Dad had a car accident… it was a lot! Those are the times I have learnt to just STAND in! Those are the times of two word prayers- “God help!” “Heal Lord!” “Strength Lord!” “Help!”


At those times my Rolodex doesn’t help… no I lie, it helps because at these times I don’t “perform” as well, I just STAND so if someone is saying I will watch the kids for you, I gladly allow them, if someone says I’ll bring you food, I say thank you in relief! So my Rolodex does help! I am grateful for all of you who are on it! 


It may not be health challenges for you, it may be financial, it may be that you are waiting on the Lord for something like how I waited 11 years for my daughter… sometimes you have done ALL you can! At those times, you STAND! You don’t stop believing, you don’t give up, you don’t quit, don’t commit suicide (LOL but yes!), at those times you stand! This too eventually passes! 


At 15 days to 40, I bring a lesson of encouragement! You will make it through this, just STAND! This is not the cute one leg in front of the other stand, this is the karate legs apart, firmly dig in, grounded STAND, the storm will pass and it will leave you standing! JUST STAND! 



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