12 Days to 40!!! Gratitude being the Gift!

12 Days to 40!!! Hallelujah!!! Today, I am grateful for gratitude! When landmark birthdays or events are coming up, there is a natural tendency to take stock… to look back on your life and see if where you are matches the expectations of where you thought you’d be when you get there! And a lot of the time, there’s a feeling of nostalgia, sometimes regret, it’s a time when you pull up the loved ones you’ve lost along the way (either through deaths or separation) who you thought will witness the time with you! You generally can arrive at those moments focusing on what is not there rather than what is!

That’s why today, I am grateful for the gift of gratitude! I have heard it said that “gratitude is both fuel and fire!” When I look around and see what’s not working or see the situations I wish were different, gratitude helps me balance that by shifting my focus to what’s actually working and how a lot of what’s working is actually not because I made it work anyway! How grace has brought and kept me here! Just thinking that immediately fills me with hope and joy! Because victory begets more victories, I then see the other areas as victories in progress… not areas of disappointment anymore.

It’s a fire in itself! You know that the human mind is designed to believe what you tell it! You tell it we are thankful… things are going well for us and that’s what it starts to pick up on and focus on! Gratitude both fuels our faith and fans it’s flame!

I am grateful for the gift of gratitude! May our hearts be attuned to what is working! It’s such a relief not live life heavy and disempowered! Recalling what has worked, embracing gratitude makes you feel everything is “figure-outable” and that is extremely empowering!!! Ciao people!

#12daysto40 #myyearofjubilee #Queensarebornin79 #3rd #lessonslearnt #gratitudejournal #thanksgiving #Hajwillbe40

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