10 Days to 40!!! Thankful for Creativity!!!

10 Days to 40!!! Wow!!! Isn’t God awesome?! Today, I am so so thankful for the gift of creativity!!!

I am thankful that we are able to create the life we desire through intentionality, vision, hard work and grace! I am thankful for the creative power of our words. We use our words and pre-dominant thoughts to create our reality…

I am thankful for all the beautiful people around me who by their creativity add so much beauty to my life! @iconolabrand @xclamations @meliabyjade @benedizione_bdz create beautiful dresses each with a different aesthetics! @zivanora custom makes jewellery fit for royalty! @igoglass clears up broken glass from the environment and smelts it, blows it and creates one of a kind glass jars! I love the fact that our gifts make room for us whether in crowded or uncontested market-spaces… because at the end of the day, what makes you and your work standout, is YOUR unique DNA! You are your USP… don’t forget that!

As I celebrate creativity, I must say I am so so grateful for the creativity I am blessed to express! I am blessed by my work @owambecandles it has opened my world up in unimaginable ways! I am grateful for my blog and things to write about! Grateful for art…

Grateful that by this creativity, I am able to eek out a living…

I am grateful for Creativity… that it is one of the gifts that God gives us in which we express a facet of who He is, in our own lives..

Here’s to more creative downloads and to achieving full expression of all that God has put in us! Shalom people! Have a great week this week!

#10daysto40 #myyearofjubilee #Queensarebornin79 #3rd #lessonslearnt #gratitudejournal #thanksgiving #Hajwillbe40

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