8 Days to 40!!! Start Today!

8 Days to 40!!! I feel like throwing a praise party!!! God is so good! Please take out a minute and offer up some praise and thanksgiving today! 

It’s 8 days to 40 and today I am highlighting an important lesson that I have learnt! I have learnt to just start! Start where you are, start with what you have! You want to lose weight? Lose 10kg? Don’t over think it, don’t wait to research the perfect diet, the perfect workout for the fastest burn, the shoes that will actually accelerate fat burn… which waist trainer automatically takes away the need to train… No! Once you make up your mind, START! Start with one thing, maybe no dinner after a certain time, do that for one week, the next week remove soda… before you know it, your habits are healthier and the weight is shifting.

It’s the same with business and entrepreneurship! It’s easy to be the one with perpetually great ideas… “I want to do this, offer this service..”, 2 years later you meet the same person and they are still researching… totally paralysed by analysis and inaction! 

I have learnt not to be that person! I am learning to bridge the gap between idea and implementation… because no matter how much theory you think you know, it’s in implementation and execution that you put it to the test.

I have learnt also not to let money be the reason I didn’t start. I have come to find that the issue usually isn’t lack of money, the issue is usually a lack of STRATEGY. With the right strategy, you can earn enough to prove your concept, after which the market is usually the one seeking you out to provide financing. 

If you want to travel the whole world, start… start with the country closest to you, go by road if you have to… but do that and venture out to the next place and the next… before you know it you‘ve visited 15!

At 8 days to my 40th! I am keenly aware of the passage of time! I am also aware that opportunities of a life time have to be taken in the lifetime of the opportunities… so don’t delay or procrastinate it, start today! 

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