3 Days to 40! Learning the Freedom of Now!

Aww!!! My birthday is almost here! I will actually miss this Gratitude and Lessons Learnt countdown… it has become a form of meditation for me. Something that ensures that everyday I have to take a quiet time, think and articulate! I am grateful for it and grateful for all who read! Thank you! Grateful for @deyanjuo @ieshpyt and @ezinwa_the_governess who have commented and cheered me on almost every day!

At 3 days to 40, I am learning the freedom of being in the moment… When I think of any part of the future with anxiety or fear, I bring myself to the “NOW”. I say “in this very moment I am safe. At this very moment, this is what I can do… at this moment that fear is actually not real” and I have found great freedom in that! No more anxiety or panic attacks… it’s now more like breathing into the now and trusting that when tomorrow becomes now, in that moment, I will be safe and able too!

I wish I could say I have learnt to conquer my fears… but what I am learning is to dance with them. To see them for the paper tigers that they are. To mitigate as necessary but to feel the fear and do it anyway!!! I am learning that, by being in the now and it is very freeing…

After all, the good book says “do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” I agree and I trust the One who holds my every tomorrow because He holds today as well!

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