Fly, Woman, Fly!!!

I met and loved this sculpture of two magnificent women so much! It’s beautiful, majestic, mysterious and sort of mystical all in one.

I loved the fact that it looks like an older woman kissing the head of a younger one- essentially giving her a blessing! Like you have those wings… now fly!

I like that the bottom or where feet should be actually look like the roots of a large tree. As I looked at it I thought wow… a woman has so many roots… we are rooted in our love for family… rooted in the roles that we play; mother, lover, nurturer, safe place, business woman, entrepreneur etc etc.

Beautiful sculpture at the Wings, Victoria Island, Lagos
Stunning waterfront property… so excellently built

We are rooted in those we love, rooted in those who love us, rooted in our “have to’s”, rooted in culture (their head gears and mode of dress)… rooted in the ways we are told we should be and ways we are told we shouldn’t be… and I saw the conflict that we all face as women… so many roots, yet we have large wings… wings to soar… wings to make give our dreams flight… wings to go beyond the limit of the sky but how do you take flight and stay rooted at the same time? #conflicted

Who knows who the sculptor is and what the name of this magnificent piece is? It made my day today. Thank you to everyone who uses their talents to bless the world!

#art #artisaalwaysspeaking #itwillspeakyourownlanguagetoyou #beautifulday #behappypeople

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