A Love Note to My Daughter before her Arrival…

Written 14th May 2018

Hey you!!!

I’ve been waiting to meet you

More than any dignitary in the world,

You have taken your very sweet time

And you are still taking it aren’t you?

11 years and 8 months in the making

But actually 7 years and 8 months since I started waiting

Waiting for you

Dreaming about you

Day dreaming about our time together

Hoping for adventures together

Every time I saw beauty in the world

Thinking, what a joy it’ll be to share it with you


And your brother…

Your brother… hmm, your brother!

I haven’t waited alone!

He has waited with me

Waited differently, waited interestingly

But waited none the less

When he was about 3, he is 11 now!

He would pray every night for God to bring him a Sister

I always asked “why do you want a sister”

“I want someone to play with,” he said…

It was 2 years later and close to Christmas

When I realised his prayers had stopped

“Ethan,” I said, “why do you no longer pray for a Sister?”

To which he innocently said “Since God doesn’t want to give me,

I have asked Santa Claus instead!”

LOL! That was 6 years ago


We kept waiting…

Determined we wanted the “you” that only God could give

Santa didn’t respond but we were pretty certain a Santa baby is not what we wanted

So we waited… and I like to think we waited well


We loved one another…

And loved Daddy too

Daddy… you will meet him when you come!

He is the very strong, very silent and very loving kind…

You will spend a lot of time on his chest when you are little

We all know, he yearned silently for you

He also didn’t want to put pressure on Mummy

In his mind, you will come at God’s sweet time…


We waited for you

And we waited well…

Before you came, you had a name..

We had christened you

It was a name that dripped with love-

Both a prophecy and a prayer…

Before you came

Many many prayers had been offered up on your behalf

Not only prayers for you to come

But prayers that God who owns and needs all life

Will time you just right…

That you will be born for a purpose

And will live out that purpose

That creation will always, always favour you!

Just the way it is set up to…

That you and your life will be a shining beacon in the stories that humanity tells

You, my dear, are no ordinary gift

And we your family are thrilled beyond all imagination!


It will be a great privilege to be your earthly family

Knowing from day 1, that you are all God’s

And we get to take care of you for Him & His work!

That’s whose Dignitary you are…

an Ambassador of heaven assigned a task and time on earth…

And we can’t wait!

This last month feels longer than all the 11 years and 8 months together…

We, your earthly family

Chosen by God to love you!

Can’t wait to love, nurture, kiss, grow, groom, teach you

And watch you bloom into the full beautiful purposeful person that God already created you to be!


Your Mummy!


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