The Days In-between

Loving these beautiful in-between days of processing, re-calibrating, journaling and acknowledging my dreams and desires for the new year!

I know 2020 has been tough and yes, the fact that we are here, 2 days to the end of it is great! But nothing about how tough it’s been means we cannot dream… nothing about the pandemic means that our lives have to be lived in complete uncertainty… No! We still have hope, we still have dreams! We still say as long as we have breathe in our lungs, we will live with purpose and direction! You are here because you still have work to do.

That said, we live in surrender! The Bible says the desires of our heart come from God… those innermost dreams you have, the things you feel compelled to create… it’s because the Creator has woven it in your DNA… so we walk in step with Him… as we dream we ask “does this please You? I bring it all before You, show me how to be ALL You created me to be and to be all that in a way that’s pleasing to You!”

I love these opportunities for quiet, my journal, my candles, my plants and the freedom to dream big scary audacious dreams, safe in the knowledge that what you want wants you too! 2020 is not over yet! I am still poised to receive ALL that is great for me that’s in these last few hours of the year… so that I go into 2021, full, grateful and abundant ready to take on what beauty is available in it as well!

I love this Steve Harvey video where he says “we have not because we ask not” and he encourages us to dream and write out what we desire. Our desires don’t have to be frivolous, though they have to be specific… desiring to create avenues for expression, for safety through your non-profit organisation or creating a cleaner environment through your business which uses recycled materials are all worthy desires! And so are the frivolous ones, your dreams are valid…

Enjoy the video here

Enjoy what’s left of 2020 in these beautiful in-between days!

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