Hi, my name is Hajara and I am passionate about life! I am determined to fully live, to fulfill purpose and to make an impact in the life of others by showing them that where you start does not determine where you end.

I like to think I live intentionally. I believe that your perspective shapes your experiences and that you can always change your story. The life you want is within reach but you have to give it to you!

I love scented candles so much that I make them!

I like to read, so I have a Facebook page called “Radical Reads with Hajel” where I do a weekly book review.

I like to travel! I want to go every where in the world at least once! Check out my travel pages on this blog. If you love to travel too, please write a guest blog sharing your travel photos with us!

Thank you for stopping by my About page. Leave me a comment and let’s connect.


  1. I definitely agree with who you are Haj. Only known you for a little while and it feels like I have known you forever. Your words are always kind, affirmative, nurturing, positive and soothing. You love to help people, just because you love to! Not for anything you might stand to gain…oh wait, happiness maybe:)

    I look forward to seeing all the things your life will birth forth into the world.


    • Aww! My very dear CIA! I totally appreciate that! Though in your case, I must confess its all you! There’s so much beauty to work with.

      Amen and Amen I am a willing tool, waiting to see what the Potter is making out of my life and yours… Kisses!

  2. Its so obvious that your inner beauty is times 10 of your captivating facial beauty. Thank God for your life ma.

  3. It has been quite long since we saw last, almost getting to a decade, at B.U>K, as students, solacians, etc. Thanks to the internet. Just come across your wonderful space while looking for another amazing friend, Hajara. I can see you are doing so well. How is your family. You can visit my website at http://www.ibrahimsulefoundation.com. I practice, in human rights and I teach, too.
    Ibrahim Sule

    • Wow! Ibrahim Sule! Awesome to hear from you. We are all very well? And you and yours? I’ll be sure to check out your site, you were always going to go on to greatness, I’m not surprised at what you do. Stay awesome, talk soon.

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