And the skies put on a show!


Anyone out there share my fascination with the sky? With the way it puts on a great show and gives wings to your imagination! With the way you can create stories just by looking at it and travel to places hidden in the recesses of your mind- where your dreams seem to originate from, where your longings for more are hidden… Where those feelings of both nostalgia and hope lie… I enjoy the skies, I take time to stop and stare and in awe, I see the majesty of the Father! The beauty of creation and in that, the great beauty of the Creator! I have put together a little slide show of photos where the sky was either the focal point or provided a beautiful backdrop,  the pictures were taken in different countries, different seasons and different times of day! Enjoy the skies with me:


I always wondered if the clouds were like cotton candy! If when you were flying in a parachute (or something like that) you could reach out and grab a piece of the clouds! Will it be soft and chewy? Would it melt in your mouth like cotton candy? Or will you reach out hopeful and come back with empty hands because it was actually all vapour?


The silver lining behind every cloud! See as the sun struggles to peep through, creating beautiful contrast! A glimmer of hope to a heart that’s weary!


Does that look like an angry face? And is that a child sitting on his back? Do you imagine that they are cussing out a neighbour? Or are they watching a game and making commentary?


Over the Gare Du Nord in Paris, France. The clouds parted, why? I don’t know. Maybe it was for you? So I could take this picture and add a little prayer? Like “may the seas part for you when it feels like you have no where else to run to. May doors of favour open unto you…”


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