Yaay!!! Arrived at 40! Let’s Luxuriate in it!!!

First off, I want to say a really big thank you for coming with me on my 40 days to 40 journey! Life is such a glorious gift but it’s the easiest thing to take for granted because the fact that you are here means you still have it.🤷🏽‍♀️

I had to dedicate that time to pausing, taking stock and self reflection… I wasn’t going to reach this milestone without acknowledging how far I had come, without going back to see what my hurts and mistakes have taught me… without evaluating because it’s through all this that I can lay strong, working, customised building block for the future! So thanks for your love, likes and comments as I journeyed through that!

I celebrated my 40th on the 3rd of December in a way that was authentic and honouring to me… I spent it in Mauritius (a country I have always wanted to visit! The reality trumped my best dreams!). I spent it on the ocean (my happiest happy place! My paternal Grandfather was a sailor, he died at sea as the captain of a ship. So I guess somewhere in my blood is the love and allure of the ocean!). I spent it with my friends and sister! I spent it trying new things (parasailing y’all) and everywhere I went, creation responded to me in love!

Enjoy some photos below:

Headline shot from my pre-birthday photoshoot taken a week before my 40th!
Catholic Church in Mauritius… I am not Catholic but when I travel, it’s the one Church I am sure to find. And since there’s only 1 God, I take a moment to bow down and say a prayer! Everything good about me is God y’all! I am nothing without Him.

On my birthday at the amazing waterfalls on Ile Aux Cerfs
What’s not to love!
Parasailing… from a distance… it’s all quiet, it’s all calm and everything is figure-outable!
Nothing like friends who will pose with you!!! 💋💋💋

Friends who will “play” with you!

Friends who will laugh with you!!!

Chinese!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Ravishing Ronke! Power house!!!!
Aisha!!! I love you! Sister like no other!

Carol! Cool, Calm, Collected and ohhhh so adventurous! She wanted to go walking with the Lions! She’ll do it on her next trip! 😜
Everything about turning 40 was better than I had dreamed and hoped!

Cheers to 60 more years of love, joy, hope, impact and a life that is fully lived!!! I hope you enjoyed Mauritius with me! I will do a travel post for those willing to go soon!

Stay awesome people! May our lives count in amazing ways!



One comment

  1. Happy 40th! May joy and happiness continue to come your way. You all look lovely. I especially love the yellow and the beetle- two things I love. Looking forward to the travel post.

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