As we Welcome Your Sibling

A love note to my Amazing Son- Written 19th May 2018

At her naming ceremony!

Dearest Ayomikun,

As we all wait with bated breath for your sibling to come

Allow me as your Mother, to offer you a Standing Ovation!!!

You, have been a first born of first borns!

You made it easy to want another child

Because being your Mother has been an absolute joy!

It’s in everything! When you were little,

It was in that adorable toothless smile

And that dribble… I secretly used to call you “Droll Master Flex”… must have been after a rap artist

It was in the way you listened even as an infant

One day when you were 3 months old and not sleeping through the night yet

I held you in my arms, looked in your eyes and said “I am your Mother and I am tired… please sleep through this night, so I can rest!”

I was shocked, when for the first time since you were born, I actually got a whole nights sleep!

You would demonstrate this innate ability to love, care and to obey over the years;

Whether it was in the threat not to throw you a first birthday party if you didn’t walk

And to see you walking on that day

You demonstrated it with sucking your thumb as well!

As a baby, your joy seemed to really always be full! Today as double digits, you are a joy and you give joy!!!

To know you, is to love you!

Ayomikun, as you have grown

You have become better with each passing day

You moved from baby, to 5 going on 20!

You became my friend, confidant, prayer partner & gist partner

You were bright in school and had a few incidents like “Na me be that!” Which I hardly survived!

But overall you were my shining star!

Ayomikun, when I first saw you

I knew what it felt like to be truly vulnerable in love…

Every fibre in my being wanted to protect and cocoon every fibre of yours! Every life experience…

Today at 11,

You have shown me all the love I have shown you

And so much more!

You rush to my defence

Cater to my needs

Ensure that I am comfortable…

Ask me “Mama, how is you”

And say I love you and you pray for me often

I love you son! You are a great child!

I am so so honoured to be your Mum

You made the 11 year wait easy,

because alone, you were so worth it

Sometimes, I look at you and I think “wow! God has done more than enough for me”

And truly, in you He has!

As we wait to welcome your sibling

My dear son, I wanted you to know

How precious and beloved you were!

Thank you for waiting with me!

With love

Your Mama!!!


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