The Rage for Change! Ndidi Nwuneli on TED Talks

Ndidi Nwuneli Photo courtesy
Ndidi Nwuneli
Photo courtesy

Being Nigerian, one of the things that really gets to me is how Nigerians can sit and talk about Nigeria, complain about it and end the conversation with humour or a despair filled “it is well”… I am a firm believer that we are architects of our fate and while we may not be able to change everything at once, we can change one thing and that one thing starts with you, it starts in your thoughts! So imagine how inspired I felt this morning when I found Ndidi Nwuneli’s TED Talk! I saw a real example of identifying a problem and trying to be part of the change that you seek. I saw determination, I saw anger fueled properly, I saw someone who sees today as is and wants to see a different tomorrow! Watch the talk here and please don’t tell me after watching that she has a larger platform or had more opportunities than you have. I am not saying be her, BUT BE YOU! Use your own platform  -whatever it is, bring change in your sphere of influence. Let the world be better because you are in it. Fuel your mind with the right things (read books that make you better),  find the right company (even if you have to watch fora like TED Talks to find them), see beyond where you are, expand your horizons!

This is just a rant but honestly, I am certain that if we all did our best and contributed our little, if we solve or contribute to the solution of a problem we identify, if we each cleaned our proverbial yards, then our entire neighbourhoods will be nice, shiny and clean. Be part of the solution today, use your voice, your gift and your network! And while you are at it, don’t forget to be awesome!


  1. This is a nice one. We are so use to criticising people especially our leaders without making any attempt to profer solutions. Some of us may be worst than the leaders we criticise when put in the same position.We need to start changing ourselves by doing the right things in our little or lowlly position and we will be surprise how much positive impart our good action would have made in the lives of other people.

    • I totally agree Mr. Akpabio, we should each start with the man in the mirror. It then makes it easier and more authentic when you demand accountability from others. Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate it as always.

    • Imagine if all the trees stayed away because they could not individually make a forest. Then there’ll be no forests at all… Imagine if Martin Luther King thought only one person cannot make a difference, if Rosa Parks thought “there’s only one me”, if Thomas Edison, Einstein… all decided I can’t make a forest- I can’t create change so why try?

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