Gratitude Challenge Day 3: The Gift of Becoming…


Diane von Furstenberg, the mind behind the DVF brand. She is a woman I admire and who "mentors" me from afar! She inspired today's thoughts… Photo courtesy
Diane von Furstenberg, the mind behind the DVF brand. She is a woman I admire and who “mentors” me from afar! She inspired today’s thoughts… Photo courtesy


Becoming! Relevant meaning: (1) any process of change (2) In the Philosophy of Aristotle- any change from a lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality.

I recently heard Diane von Furstenberg (one of my favorite women) say, “when I first started out, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to be” and that got me thinking, ‘What kind of woman do I want to be?’ So I sat down and began to write, I would like to:

1. BE IMPACTFUL – to leave my mark on earth, I want even people who do not know me to be thankful that I was born because of the positive impact my being around on earth has and will have on their lives.

2. BE BEAUTIFUL – Inside and Outside! No malice, no ugliness, just a beauty that glorifies God. I want to enrich my mind, take care of the body I’ve been given and nurture my soul.

3. BE INFLUENTIAL – I would like to pick a cause, like Mother Theresa and Lady Di did, like Malala is doing, and thereby turn the world’s attention to it. Thus driving change and resources towards solving the problem.

4. BE EXCELLENT – In all I do and say!

5. BE EMPOWERING – show people that their tomorrows are in their hands, that with a different perspective, a different mindset and a willingness to do the work, where you start from does not determine where you’ll end up!

6. BE AUTHENTIC – true to myself, my needs, my purpose and my uniqueness.

7. BE A WOMAN OF INTEGRITY – say what I mean, mean what I say and let my actions back it up! To speak my truth early and clearly.

8. BE AN EXPLORER – of God’s beautiful creation! Everywhere once! An explorer of His beautiful people- learning new cultures, seeing through the eyes of others, enjoying our differences.

9. BE A CREATOR & AUTHOR – create beautiful gifts and gift experiences. Write books! Many!

10. BE A TRUE CHILD OF GOD! – My personal motto has been “to know God & to make Him known”. To please Him, first and always, not people. Another saying I like, is “if you live for people’s acceptance, you die from their rejection”,  and I add ‘you have to live for something bigger than that!’


I really loved the exercise, I have always said “I am a human BE-ING, not a human do-ing”, so every time I have to choose between being and doing, I “be”. For example, if my little one wants to play and I also know that it’s almost time for him to eat, so I need to cook. I delegate cooking- doing, and I go and play with him- I would rather BE with him, only I can BE his mother, several people can cook for him. Do you see what I mean? I apply this in every facet of my life. Perhaps that’s why her quote jumped out to me.

I am grateful for the gift of becoming, I like the hope that it holds out for me. Am I all the things I want to be yet? NO! Can I become those things and more? YES!  What does it take? BE-ING deliberate and intentional about it. Making sure my decisions line up with my intended outcome and putting it out there so you can hold me accountable.

I am grateful for the gift of becoming, that you and I can BECOME who we want to be. That I shape my tomorrows, one decision at a time. That I am not limited by the circumstances of my birth, environment or skin color. As I am grateful for the gift of becoming, I am also cognizant of the fact that  not deciding who you’ll be, is also a decision to become…

So, who are you becoming with the passage of time? I’d like to know! Stay awesome!

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