Re-Building the Ruins

Candle by Owambe Candles on Instagram

Today, I just want to pray for grace for you, for me…

Grace, to turn every lemon, every adversity into lemonades and triumph!

I pray that we receive strength in our inner man not to be thrown up and down by the vicissitudes of life…

I pray that you feel anchored by a nail in a sure place, you know how an anchored ship still sways with the swelling of the ocean but it doesn’t drift away?!

Because it’s anchored?! I pray that we know we are anchored!

That whether or wherdant, we stand gidigba!

I pray that you know in your heart of hearts that joy is a strength,

So that on the days when it is in short supply, you actually dig deep within you to find it!

On Monday, my heart felt like it was breaking to pieces… all the news of bandits in #Kaduna broke me… I remembered how growing up I used to walk from School in Command Children’s School, Kaduna, to my house on days when our parents picked us late… I remember how on those strolls home you could stop in any house, ask for water and they will call you in and call your house landline to ensure you got home safe…

I remember the fecundity that came with Ramadan in the North… everyone sent everyone in the neighbourhood food, no matter how little they had…

My love language up till today is a communal tray of food… when all the children on our street played in whichever of us homes after school, by 6p.m. the Mothers’ will call us in, there would be a large tray of food with the meat hidden under because the “albarka” was in the bottom of the food, and after washing our hands, 5, 6 of us children will sit around that tray and eat together, recounting what can only be described as “fantabulous” stories about our day…

Now in that same place, children get abducted at 1 year old from hospital… 140 children taken from School…

On Monday it was only God that could comfort me…

After I cried & mopped around all day, I got my Prayer Sisters to pray with me (if you don’t have a circle of people you pray with, please get!), the Lord strengthened me by reminding me of His word!

I was reminded that we are not helpless in creation! That this Earthly realm, God has given to His sons & daughters!

That I decree a thing & it is established!

That the capacity & strategy Nigeria needs, is in His children!

He said look at Nehemiah and rise up! Re-build the ruins!

We fight not FOR victory but FROM victory!

Do I forget that in Revelations 12, the Earth itself rose up to help the woman?

Hahaha!!! Like once you resolve the issue of your IDENTITY half the battle is won!

Once you know WHO & WHOSE you are… now you go and walk in that might! Walk in that power! It’s not under our watch that the ruins will remain ruined!

Think about that last statement… whether it’s ruined marriages, children who are going wayward, stories of young girls stabbing or of men hurting those they should protect… will you sit back and distantly observe the ruins?! Not on my watch!

Anyhow, my name is Hajara and sometimes I preach, LOL! All of that to say I bought flowers on Monday to dig for my joy! Those flowers inspired my rose bud and Oudh Candles that are so pretty! What the enemy intended for evil has brought so much that is good including this post! Hallelujah! Shalom Saints!

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LOL! All I do is win, win, win no matter what! These candles are a win!

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